Diy Jon Boat Grab Bar

Diy Jon Boat Grab Bar ; A jon boat is a small, flat-bottomed fishing or hunting boat that is perfect for navigating shallow waters, rivers, and ponds. While these boats may be simple in design, they can still benefit from certain modifications to make them more comfortable and functional for their owners. One such modification is the addition of a grab bar.

A grab bar is a sturdy handle that can be mounted on the side of the boat, providing a secure handhold for passengers when boarding, exiting, or moving around the boat. While there are many grab bars available for purchase, it is also possible to create a DIY jon boat grab bar at home. Here’s how:

The Necessary Equipment:

  • 1-inch diameter stainless steel tubing (approximately 6 feet)
  • Stainless steel elbow joints (2)
  • Stainless steel T-joints (2)
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets (2)
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Stainless steel band clamps (4)
  • Rubber padding (optional)


  • Determine the length of your grab bar by measuring the height of your jon boat’s gunwale (the top edge of the boat’s sides).
  • Using a hacksaw or pipe cutter, sever the stainless steel tubing to the required length.
  • Connect either end of the tube with an elbow.
  • Insert a T-joint into the tubing’s midsection.
  • Mounting brackets need to be affixed to the T-joint using a drill, with care taken to ensure that they are both level and uniformly spaced.
  • Put the grab bar anywhere you choose on the boat’s gunwale.
  • Make use of the boat’s band clamps to fasten the grab bar in place.
  • In order to improve your grip and comfort when using the grab bar, you can choose to cover it with rubber cushioning.

In order to construct a grab bar for a jon boat that will hold up under the weight and force of people, it is essential to utilize high-quality materials and hardware. Because of its longevity, resistance to corrosion, and workability, stainless steel is an excellent choice for this undertaking.

Installing a grab bar in your jon boat will not only make it more presentable and safe for your passengers, but it will also provide a sense of professionalism. You can quickly and cheaply fabricate a grab bar that meets your specific requirements and looks great in your boat with just a little bit of time and ingenuity.

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